Expert Witness Experience

Certified Thoroughbred Appraiser / Extensive Litigation Experience

  • Lifetime Senior Member of the American Society of Equine Appraisers, Thomas Clark's appraisals are considered "Certified" for Legal purposes in the United States and Internationally. The ASEA is a division of the American Society of Agricultural Appraisers (ASAA) whose members comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) used by all personal property and real estate appraisers.
  • Qualified "Expert" numerous times including U.S. Tax and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts.
  • Litigation / Appraisal Client List Sampling: Law Firms, Banks, Insurers, Underwriters and Farms
Name Service Location
Frost Brown Todd Federal Tax Courts (x6) Louisville, Kentucky
A&L Goodbody LLP High Court / Coolmore v Glanbia Dublin, Ireland 2023
Loeb&Loeb Probate - Allen Paulson Los Angeles, California
Tom Miller (MGM) Court Testimony Paris, Kentucky
Morgan & Pottinger Bank Asset dissolution Lexington, Kentucky
Darier Hentsch Bank Estate Geneva, Switzerland
PBI Bank Collateral Lexington, Kentucky
Estate of Alex G. Campbell The Trustees Lexington, Kentucky
Zurich American Litigations (x9) Chicago, Illinois
Andre Regard, Attorney Bankruptcy Hearing (Curlin) Frankfort, Kentucky
Michael Meuser(MGM) Probate Lexington, Kentucky
Lamphier & Kowalkowski Litigation Elmhurst, Illinois
Fifth Third Bank Collateral Cincinnati & Lexington
Myracehorse Appraisals Lexington, Kentucky
Kinsey Rowe Becke Litigations Omaha, Nebraska
Brock Brock & Bagby Circuit Court Testimony Lexington, Kentucky
Scott Zimmerman, Attorney Litigation Los Angeles, California
Korea Racing Authority Stallions Seoul, South Korea
Wallace Brown & Schwartz Litigation Pasadena, California
Millbank Tweed Hadley Limited Partnership New York, New York
Biegle & Sandler Litigation New York, New York
David Roth, Tax Attorney Federal Tax Court Los Angeles, California
Robert Martin, Tax Attorney Federal Tax Court Pasadena, California
Greenbaum Doll McDonald Litigation Lexington, Kentucky
Bill Dykeman, Attorney Circuit Court Testimony Lexington, Kentucky
Gaines Gentry Stallions Collateral Lexington, Kentucky
WinStar Farm Litigation Lexington, Kentucky
Hill N Dale Farms Collateral Lexington, Kentucky
PNC Bank, NA Bank Asset Dissolution Louisville, Kentucky
National City Bank Collateral Lexington, Kentucky
First Security Bank Collateral Lexington, Kentucky
J.P. Morgan Chase Collateral NYC & Lexington, KY
Citibank Private Banking Collateral New York, New York
Bank of Ocala Collateral Ocala, Florida
Bank of Scotland Collateral Dublin, Ireland
Citizens Fidelity Bank Collateral Louisville, Kentucky
Wells Fargo Bank Collateral Los Angeles, California
Citizens Bank Collateral Ocala, Florida
Continental Bank Collateral Chicago, Illinois
Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. Litigation Phoenix, Arizona
Hagyard Equine Hospital Litigation Lexington, Kentucky
Michael Katz, Attorney Partnership Dissolution New Orleans, Louisiana
Woodward, Hobson & Fulton Circuit Court Testimony Lexington, Kentucky
Venable LLP U. S. Bankruptcy Court Baltimore, Maryland